Have you ever been standing in line to the security at the airport and thought about why it takes so long? I know that at least I have!

My idea was born in 2018 one day when I was going to London. I was standing there waiting with every other traveler to get past the security control. When I stood there I got kind of annoyed, why does it always have to take this long to get past the security? I examined what was going on at the front of the line and then it hit me. Everyone had to take off their belts. First of all, everyone forgot to take their belts of so they first went true, then the security staff had to ask them to go back, then they figured out that they had to take off their belts and after all that, they could go through and start putting their belts on. 

I thought that this was unacceptable. I thought about how much faster the line would move if everyone didn't have to take their belts off. The first idea I had to solve this problem was to just wear sweatpants, then I looked around and figured out that if you have a suit sweat pants don't really follow the dress code. After some more thinking the idea came to me. Carbon fiber belt buckles! 

After I passed the security I started to look around for carbon fiber manufactures. Right about when the plane was about to take off I had found the manufacturer I was going to use.  When we landed I started to look for a leather manufacturer. Find out more about the materials

When I arrived home from the amazing trip I went to a hardware store to buy hobby carbon fiber. I made a belt buckle on my own it was not straight, it had a ruff surface and it was also uneven. It was simply an ugly belt buckle. This was when I realized that I was supposed to hand this of to the experts.

Airbelt was founded in 2018 by the 15-year-old boy, Edwin Fichtel. He came up with the idea so you wouldn't have to take off your belt in the security line. After this, he worked to get the idea to become a reality, and now I'm 16 years old and have one employee. Myself.

If you are wondering about who made the logo, the website, packed your belt, sew your belt together, answers your questions and also is the most handsome person in the company? It's all me!